Digital Artistry

Rockport Red House

Red House, Rockport
VanGogh style

Updates to: Snapseed - Tregastel (Pink Granite Rock Formations)

My name is Leigh Wymer and I have been interested in photography since I was about 14 years old. I had a brief number of hours tuition from a great man, Ira Cooper that left me with a major desire to learn the art of photography.

Sadly, he passed away before I could learn more from this great man but I will always remember his advice. I did later visit his home in New York a few years later and saw the most amazing photography decorated on the walls of his home. His ability to work with slow ISO (ASA in those days) speeds using colour and the effect of blur in an artistic way left me speechless.. His work always reminded me of one of my favourite American Photographers, Ernst Haas.

Over the years I have worked in a number of photographic jobs learning the craft, but my real passion is taking photographs.

When I turned to digital photography I wanted to have a particular style of my own and decided to produce images with a "painting" effect look to them. I used applications like Photoshop™ and Corel Painter™.

After a few years of doing more traditional photography I have recently returned and gone  "Back to my Roots" and producing which I feel is the next step in digital manipulation of photographs into Fine Art Photos - resembling a more realistic painting effect. I still use a number of applications which help my workflow. These include:Adobe Photoshop™, Corel™ Painter,  Nik Software Snapseed™, OnOne Photo Suite™

The type of subjects are tend to photograph these days is varied, but I do tend to take photographs of Landscapes, Architecture, Travel locations to name just a few.

Cameras I tend to use these days: Fujifilm X Pro 1 and the Fujifilm X100s

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