The Internet. Network of things?
Have you heard anything about the Internet of things? I am sure that few know about this concept. I didn’t know either, until I accidentally heard about the transfer of…

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Is your site popular?
This article is a continuation of the discussion on the factors of the popularity of your site. The first article was devoted to the topic of quality site content. It…

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How best to download files - torrent or file sharing?
Often on the Internet there are disputes about how best to download files - using a torrent tracker or file hosting. We will understand to start, what is a torrent…

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Appliances and the Internet

Recommendations on the choice of computers and other office equipment. Practical advice on various software. Subtleties of choice of mobile phones, telephone headsets and other gadgets.

Reviews of possible virtual traps. A selection of algorithms for the preservation of personal virtual security. The art of communication in the Internet elements. Methods of selecting sites for different criteria: from high-quality content to the level of attendance.

The range of information on the above-mentioned areas is presented in the “Technique and Internet” rubric.

Main topics
The most popular topics of this category are presented below.

Computers and software
Topics: computers, software, laptop, operating system, files.

The twentieth century and the beginning of the twenty-first century were marked by the rapid flourishing of information technology. Humanity has become in need of conducting a mass of calculations. The development of science, progress in construction – numerous calculations were needed everywhere. Mechanical calculators and slide rules were no longer enough. Scientists with might and main invented electromechanical calculators, which were later replaced by familiar computers.

This section contains interesting and useful materials on the topic:

How much did the first personal computer cost?
Who came up with the combination of Ctrl-Alt-Delete?
How to choose the best video editor for a computer?
What program prefer to burn discs?
How to teach a child to program?
Internet resources and security
Topics: Internet, Internet resource, websites, security, website development, e-books.

Internet resources are very different, and each of them has its own functions and capabilities.

How to register on Instagram and upgrade your account?
How to create an email?
How to check the reliability of the online store?
How to avoid becoming a victim of online scams?
Where to look for e-books for the reader?
Mobile phone and information
Topics: phone, mobile phone, information, smartphone, mobile devices.

Mobile devices are firmly and permanently entered our lives. Without them, many feel uncomfortable and outside civilization.

The authors of the site will tell about:

How to avoid extra expenses for mobile communication?
Is it worth it to agree on a cell phone examination when returning it to the store?
What are the phones for 2 SIM-cards?
Which smartphone to choose for high school?
Who benefits from phone fraud?
Sites and communication on the Internet
Topics: social networks, blog, Internet resource, security, communication on the Internet, users.

The Internet has long become a space in which we are looking for absolutely any information, from the recipe of a cake to reviews about medical institutions, schools, teachers. We used to turn to the Internet several times a day – while the virtual unwittingly becomes part of real life and a huge platform for communication.

How to protect your account on the social network from hacking?
Virtuality or reality? An ordinary user view.
What can a good picture on social networks bring?
What is behind the male selfie?
What is the difficulty of communicating with a virtual friend?
How to recruit a lot of friends “VKontakte”?
All this useful information can be found on the pages of this section.

Check what you “mafia” or an expert on poems, you can use the proposed tests.

Why is the subscriber unavailable?
Which computer mouse is better?
How to protect important negotiations?
What is mobile etiquette?
What is Wikipedia?
These and other heading materials are presented for you in the form of audio recordings in the “Podcasts” section. You can listen to them directly on the site or download to your computer.

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