The Internet. Network of things?
Have you heard anything about the Internet of things? I am sure that few know about this concept. I didn’t know either, until I accidentally heard about the transfer of…

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Social networks: plus, minus, anyway?
Social networks have tightly entered our lives: we are in a hurry to share the latest news with friends through statuses, post new photos or just chat. The most famous…

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Why themed sites make more money?
Often there are requests for a mini-audit from the owners of sites with diverse information. As a rule, such owners state the most popular topics as keywords: e-books, earnings on…

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SEO. How to put your site on search engines before others?

Recommendations for finding work in various fields of activity. Practical advice on employment, including thematic crisis. The art of building relationships between employer and employees. The subtleties of the psychology of communication in interviews, business negotiations and more.

Reviews of various methods of income. A selection of algorithms for the effective implementation of any type of product. Secrets of rapid progress on the career ladder. Useful data on marketing and management. The range of information on the above-mentioned areas is presented in the rubric “Work, career, business”.

Main topics
The most popular topics of this category are presented below.

Work searches
Topics: job search, resume, work at home, freelancing, work, earnings.

Job search is a kind of activity that periodically appears in the life of each of us. Unfortunately, the only correct way to find a job does not exist, but there is a degree of probability with which certain search methods will give either the desired result or misfire.

Studying the materials section, you will learn:

How to professionally fill in the application form?
How to correctly select a job?
How not to go crazy if the search for work was delayed?
How to search for work through the Internet?
Topics: employment, interview, company, income, choice, psychology of communication.

After the desired vacancy is found, the question arises how to get it.

The articles presented in this section will come to the rescue:

How to write a cover letter?
What mistakes should be avoided when sending a resume by e-mail?
Is it possible to get a good job without a higher education?
How to pass a stress interview with dignity?
How to make the right impression in employment by phone?
Employer and employees
Topics: employee, employer, employees, manager, management, management, colleagues.

Regardless of whether you are an employee or an employer, it is important to be able to properly build working relationships.

This section will help to understand:

How to motivate employees competently?
How to mobilize them for labor feat?
How to manage staff?
How to successfully work out the first day in a new place?
What is mobbing?
What is not worth talking in the office?
How to pass a trial period?
Profession and career
Topics: profession, career, entrepreneurship, earnings on the Internet, work at home.

Choosing a profession and building a career is not an easy task, but it can be solved. The section contains various useful information that may be useful, for example:

What professions will be well paid in 20 years?
Is the profession of “nail modeling and modeling master” profitable?
What is career growth?
Can the appearance of influence on career success?
Is career and family life compatible?
Revenue and sales
Topics: income, sales, marketing, business, business, advertising, business idea.

Financial stability plays an important role in our life. And it can be provided with various types of income, including the sales operations of any product or service.

What kind of business is the most profitable?
What is unconditional basic income?
How to become a promoter?
What is franchising?
How to pay in network marketing?
Where does profit come from and why does it stop growing?
How important are you in society and what do you know about professions? Take our tests and find out the result.

What does the supervisor mean?
What is copywriting?
How can an unemployed person start his own business absolutely free?
Who are freelancers?
What is the profession of “taxi operator”?
These and other heading materials are presented for you in the form of audio recordings in the “Podcasts” section. You can listen to them directly on the site or download to your computer.

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